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Mike Riggs Owner and Expert Adviser

What does it mean - I get asked that a lot. 

Well I spent much of my life working on technology all day and after hours.  Many a time the moon was just going to sleep when I was going home.  So in honor of that legacy I thought I would brand it into my name. 

I started TecLuna as a technology consulting firm based upon the practice of designing best in class solutions to fit unique business challenges.

Today technology infuses every aspect of your company’s operation and is critical in fulfillment of your strategic plans.

I understand your needs and have been integrating technology to fit business objectives since the introduction of the PC.

TecLuna can help your organization utilize technology in the most efficient way to keep your organization on the leading edge of its strategic vision.

Give me a call and we can talk about what kind of change you want to achieve in your organization  and we can build a plan to help you achieve success for your goals.

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